Monday, June 04, 2007

Another 18,000 killed even though God commanded the Israelites to fight

Judges 20:23-25 The Israelites went up and wept before the LORD until evening, and they inquired of the LORD. They said, "Shall we go up again to battle against the Benjamites, our brothers?"
The LORD answered, "Go up against them."

Then the Israelites drew near to Benjamin the second day. This time, when the Benjamites came out from Gibeah to oppose them, they cut down another eighteen thousand Israelites, all of them armed with swords.


I'm confused.

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Jason said...

The cause for this whole situation was the city of Gibeah reverting back to the same condition as Sodom and Gomorrah (the antithesis of God). It was clear that the rest of the Israelites did not want to fight their brothers. It sounds as though they did not trust what God was doing.

The day after the passage you quote, Israel defeated the Benjamites, as God promised. He did not promise they would be victorious until the second day of battle. I think there is something to be said here for persistence and trust in God.

While these are my interpretations, the fact remains that after God promised victory, it was achieved.