Monday, August 13, 2007

God hardens the King of Heshbon's heart then commits genocides

Deuteronomy 2:24-34 "Set out now and cross the Arnon Gorge. See, I have given into your hand Sihon the Amorite, king of Heshbon, and his country. Begin to take possession of it and engage him in battle. This very day I will begin to put the terror and fear of you on all the nations under heaven. They will hear reports of you and will tremble and be in anguish because of you."

From the desert of Kedemoth I sent messengers to Sihon king of Heshbon offering peace and saying, "Let us pass through your country. We will stay on the main road; we will not turn aside to the right or to the left. Sell us food to eat and water to drink for their price in silver. Only let us pass through on foot- as the descendants of Esau, who live in Seir, and the Moabites, who live in Ar, did for us—until we cross the Jordan into the land the LORD our God is giving us." But Sihon king of Heshbon refused to let us pass through. For the LORD your God had made his spirit stubborn and his heart obstinate in order to give him into your hands, as he has now done.

The LORD said to me, "See, I have begun to deliver Sihon and his country over to you. Now begin to conquer and possess his land."

When Sihon and all his army came out to meet us in battle at Jahaz, the LORD our God delivered him over to us and we struck him down, together with his sons and his whole army. At that time we took all his towns and completely destroyed them — men, women and children. We left no survivors.


I'm seeing a pattern here. God hardens the heart of someone then proceeds to punish them by killing them. Where is the justice in this?

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Anonymous said...

You have eyes but do not see. This means that the kings mind was made up so God hardened him in what he already had set his mind to do. He was going to do this anyway. All God did was make him more hard to what he was doing so he like most men would not turn back then turn again then turn again.

Alienada797 said...

I believe it's in Ezekiel, but if you're looking for an idea for a new blog topic, consider the passage about how God will make his people suffer by famine, war and disease... particularly the part about how He will have mothers and fathers eat their children because there is no food anywhere around. God endorses cannibalism. Go figure.

The Exiled Contessa said...

Your heart seems to be hardened. It doesn't seem as if GOD did this; it seems to be of your own free will. If GOD "sets" you, or hardens you, or, say, freezes you as you's still you being you.

Anonymous said...

@THe Exiled Contessa ~ He seems to have also done a good job at hardening your mind. Here's a thought, if God is all knowing, he already knew Adam and Eve were going to disappoint him, he could have either -not- gone on and made them, ooooor, he could have done the truly merciful thing and blinked them painlessly out of existence "I Dream of Genie" style instead of keeping them around to lump a bunch of pain and suffering onto, and make even more defective products until he had to use a flood to wipe them out along with all their babies. Also, he would have already known that this "Bible" he planned to have his pet humans write was going to be misunderstood by future folk and used for things like slavery, oppression of women, murdering of gays, genocides and the like. Too bad it couldn't have worked the same way as that cartoon Pat Robertson paid the Japanese to make for him (Superbook), imagine if you had to _READ_ the Matrix, rather than actually experiencing it... I imagine that being about as boring as sitting in on a DnD campaign.

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