Tuesday, August 21, 2007

If you hate God, you will be destroyed

Deuteronomy 7:10 But those who hate him he will repay to their face by destruction; he will not be slow to repay to their face those who hate him.


Aren't we suppose to love those who hate us?


Jason said...

Old law vs. new law. Letter of the law vs. spirit of the law.

Old topic, same answer.

Anonymous said...

God hates a lot of people. Just pray and hope that you are not on His shit list. If you are, you're screwed.

Anonymous said...

Please God don't destroy me. I will convert Britney and Paris to Jesus if you will spare the rod on me.

Anonymous said...

Wow... is this a coincidence or what? The last and obviously final entry of this blog talked about God destroying people who hated him. I wonder if the blogmaster had a beef with God and got destroyed over it? OMG!!! God help us... errrr... I mean... lead us not into temptation... errr... I mean, pray for us sinners now and at the hour of our destruction... errr... amen.

Carlton said...

I'd never writer under a pseudonym, and definitely not "Anonymous". That's the coward's way doing things. Obviously, the "Anonymous" referred to here wants to truck with God. So okay -- so be happy -- and go get lost so that others more serious than you can get on with their blogging. As for hating God -- where did that come from ? "Hate" is a very strong word, and I doubt that very many people experience. I may dislike somebody, or I may have contempt for somebody. But "hate" ? Nope -- hate doesn't happen so easily. As for hating God -- you gotta be outta your mind !!

Anonymous said...

Carlton is a little coward. Wahhh... somebody change his wittle diapers.

Chris said...

Literally, I believe this verse is 100% true.

If anything, God has shown an astonishing amount of grace to those who oppose him.

There are people all around the world who mock God and live comfortably and even extravagantly.

God loves his creation, but he loves truth and justice more than any person on earth.

God is capable of a universal pardon, but it goes against his nature. Going against him is forgivable, but something has to take your place, and you have to accept that it is taking your place.

Christ was killed for us, and through our acceptance of God's gift, we no longer hate God.

Romans 5:8: While we were sinners, Christ died for us.

God can't stand to look at sin, yet He was gracious enough to provide a way out while we were still his enemies, the very ones who hate him!

You have a whole lifetime to learn not to hate God. For the average person that's what, 60 years?

Chris said...

An overall view of your blog here:

What is meant to be read literally? Not even a newspaper printed the day of can be taken word for word for a number of reasons... political bias, lack of or misinformation, and human error are among the many issues with just a simple newspaper.

Now let's take a look at something more similar to the Bible: The Constitution. This was only written 200 years, and yet our entire country, 300 million people are split nearly in half over what is essentially how to interpret the Constitution (literally the Republican right, or as a guideline the Democratic left.)

The Bible is even more intimidating than the Constitution in this respect. It spans thousands of years, a number of authors, includes history, poetry, teachings and prophecy. Yet the entire book has to be considered to even think of one single verse, as this website likes to do.

Every single sentence in the entire Bible comes back to two questions:

1. How does this glorify God?

God is the most worthy being in the entirety of existence, and as such, everything in his word glorifies him in some way, shape, or form. Context has to be considered, of course.

2. How does this relate to Jesus Christ's death?

You seem really focused in on judgement, killing, and death brought about by God in this blog...

Christ came as an out for all of that! Before Christ it was obey or face judgement at any moment. Today it's follow Christ or face judgement at your physical death. Everything in the Bible links back to the Cross.

Try using those two questions, along with some context, and literary insight (used sparsely), and you may find yourself looking at a completely different picture of God.

Another Jason said...

This passage immediately follows a description of God's love for Israel and talks about the forming of the nation of Israel. This was a warning to contrast their blessing. If they serve God, their nation will endure. If they turn against Him, the nation of Israel will fail. By the end of 2 Kings, Israel had failed and was taken into captivity.

Knachy said...

Alright. I gotta step in.

Like Ive mentioned in other blogs, I used to be "Christian" mostly because I knew no better, or because I was scared. We all need something to believe in. And my faith was real, actually. I would defend Jesus, the Father and the Bible against anyone...

Until I opened other doors.

I dared to look outside the box. And I let all my doubts and fears come out.

-"why would God let all this horrible mess of crap happen to these people??" (I asked this question a LOT while reading the Old Testament, which is the scariest story ever written)

-"why would God sent His sons to kill other sons in war? why is there any preference between races?"

This was super disturbing to me. Some races were more important than others?? WTF? weren't we all created by 'the same' God, according to the Bible? If a parent has two kids, and favorites one, dont we think thats bad? how much more worse would you feel if your God favorites your brother? why cant God give you a chance to know better? to be a better son. Why wouldnt he educated you, so you didnt have to DIE or go to Hell or whatever?

-"why would God let these women suffer?"

alright. this is the most scariest, most disgusting thing from the Bible to me. So many rapes. So many concubines thrown to strangers to be violently raped and abused... daughters, sisters, wives! WTF?? So what? because "Eve ate the stupid forbidden fruit" whatever that means, all women have to be treated like crap? if you have a daughter, and she disobeys you, lets say she goes out w some dude... and BAM! she gets pregnant!! would you curse her and her baby just because she disobeyed you? isnt this the same kind of shit we oppose to when we see it on the news? if we can forgive and love our sons and daughters... how can you expect me to believe the "all love God" loves me after reading all that in the Bible.

I dont. I refuse to believe there's a God that lets all this happen. So maybe theres a God, yes. But im sure He is NOT the one in the Bible. I dont see the logic in it.

And you might be thinking "Oh but thats just in the Old Testament."

Well. who cares?? Just because Jesus came to earth to be killed for us (which makes no sense whatsoever) now God is forgiving us? what?? so what about all the people before Christ? screw them all? how is it that the OT has this angry-jealous-warrior God and then in he NT, all of a sudden, God is all love? just because Jesus came to die for us? how does that even make sense?

so the father lets his son die so he can forgive all his other millions of sons and daughters? what?


i should stop now, i can go forever. this is what happens when someone who actually read the Bible and was a Christian, opens her eyes to reality.

or fall from grace, call it what you want.


Anonymous said...

Yes we are but you have taken this verse out of context.

Anonymous said...

next time you go bashing on God make sure your points are in context:)

david said...

Knachy, I feel you. Fear was my motivating factor for being a christian. After all, eternity is a loooooong time, to suffer the torments of hell.

I watch the suffering going on, and it's like..."oh you hoo, God, where are you?"

Then I'm thrown the whole "original sin concept" I'm sorry but I cannnot connect Eve eating a piece of fruit with the suffering that goes on today, even in an exponential way (6 billion people today, as opposed to 2 back then)

I'm looking for the NON bi-polar God that was having a bad day in the OT, and then went on a up cycle in the NT. And who is now suffering from alzheimers.

Lucian said...

Aren't we suppose to love those who hate us?

But "in so doing thou shalt heap coals of fire on their heads". (Romans 12:20).

Knachy said...

thanks david. i agree 100%

who's anonymous talking to here:

Anonymous said...
Yes we are but you have taken this verse out of context.

3/13/2009 11:57 AM

Anonymous said...
next time you go bashing on God make sure your points are in context:)

3/13/2009 11:58 AM

oh well.

Anonymous said...

Love .

Cali Girl said...

@ Knachy, the same way a person would discipline their child for doing wrong to prevent further, more intense harm from happening is what God does with us. The Old Testament shows God's mercy towards His people over and over again. You warn your child that if they do something bad, something will get taken, they'll lose privileges, get a spanking...well God did the same with His people Israel. They knew the consequences but still chose to turn from God again and again and although God did give consequences, He also gave them chance after chance and forgave them over and over again.

Anonymous said...

First of all person who commented god hates some people, GOD IS A SPIRIT OF TRUTH AND HE LOVES YOU NO MATTER WHAT YOU DO. Obviously you are easy to fool, Young one. SOME PEOPLE SAY THE HATE GOD BECAUSE THEIR FRIEND DIED OR THAT NOBODY LOVES THEM AND GOD GAVE THEM A CURSE, God has nothing to do with you problems because everyone has problems because obviously we are living in sin also. Ask the lord to wash you or heal you of help you. DO WHAT EVER BUT NEVER HATE THE LORD FOR ANYTHING HE HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH. For those who hate god why? When he has done nothing? if your mother died that doesnt mean god took her away from you. there is a reason why everyone dieds and god is not the cause. So why blame all your problems on the lord?

Anonymous said...

I hate god.

Anonymous said...

I wish good lost all his powers so he wouldn't hurt anymore human beings. He just disgusting!

Moses_Never_Existed said...


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Anonymous said...

CaliGirl... discipline a kid, by throwing fireballs into the crib? turning them into salt for just looking back? make your older kid your younger kid because he didn't eat his veggies?

Your comparison is ridiculous, sorry to say. The point being made here is that God is an angry God in the OT, and pretty severe. Jesus was way more loving, but to justify the acts of racism, hatred and even jealousy by a "god" who "Loves us all" is unrealistic. Why would he ask for both animal and people murder sacrifices? I'm a mere "sinner" and I could never kill an animal just to get a point across.

Lets all open our eyes, yes?

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Anonymous said...

This verse sounds a lot like an @DPRK_news post.

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